July 14, 2021

M K | 2021-07-13 15:00:17

"Just want to Thank You for your help, support and of course kindness with Thunder. Thanks again Kyle and Julie!"
July 7, 2021

2021-08-24 | 15:15:58

"All I can say is wow! This place is amazing and beautiful. The staff here is so personable and make things so much easier on the family When I was there they told me I could go back and walk thru the cemetery, I drove back to a beautiful place and there were hundreds of moths and beautiful butterflys I had tears of happiness... so well kept and you can tell the owners and staff take care of everything like it was theirs. Thank you so much for taking care of our wonderful Max. Everyone should go there and walk and feel the peace. Sincerely Debra Rivers"
June 28, 2021

2021-07-06 | 22:09:45

"We have been fortunate enough to have established an almost two decade relationship with Rush Inter Pet. In over a dozen interactions I’ve always walked away feeling compassion for our loss. The reverence and dignity for our loved ones remains is evident and has never gone unnoticed."
June 7, 2021

Truly spectacular

"I live in Illinois; but, have no family there. Many live in the Rochester area. I decided that my miniature dachshund should be close to family after he was gone. Preferring to bury Fritz, Polly was incredibly patient and understanding in handling arrangements for receiving him. More emotional than I expected to be when Fritz was buried, Polly stood with me as he was interred and the grave was closed. Routinely putting a grave blanket on Fritz’s grave each winter, it is enormously comforting to know how much Polly and the staff genuinely care about each pet and their families. That caring is reflected in the meticulous landscaping and maintenance of the property. Only able to visit every few years, each time I return I am struck by the tremendous beauty of the cemetery. It is truly more beautiful than most cemeteries for people. It is such a testament to the commitment Polly and her staff have for memorializing the legacy of pets and the tremendous impact they have on the lives of their families. I am so grateful to have found Rush Inter Pet and fortunate that it is near family in the Rochester area. Many thanks to Polly and her staff for such an outstanding tribute to our pets and the caring services they provide."
May 28, 2021

My little girl…

"I knew it was getting close as time went on. My sweet little schnauzer girl, Zoe who came to me after Willi (another schnauzer) took that step to head somewhere else on his journey. I said I was never going to let another dog, especially another schnauzer into my life. 3 weeks later Zoe dropped into my life & my heart. I believe Willi sent her to me. We had many adventures & cuddling times. After taking her to the Vet for that last trip I said I wanted her to go to Rush Pet of course. They had already made the pick up for the week but I didn’t want her to just be at the vet’s office for a week & they did a special run to pick her up the next day. As always Rush treated me & my little “grey angel” with all the care, compassion & respect that some people can only dream of. I couldn’t ever imagine having anyone but Rush help with this hard time. They have helped with all my babies. Who else but this family would help my family... no one, they give the love to help the heart"