February 4, 2022

Amazing Service

"Polly and her team have always gone above and beyond to take care of my dogs final arrangements. I have used their service 4 times now and will never go anywhere else. Most recently a friend lost her dogs to a tragic fire and they went and picked up the dogs for us, cremated them, and were able to return them to me in the most beautiful urn within 3 days at an amazingly reasonable price. When I told my friend about how they would take care of her babies as she would, she was immediately relieved and we are so grateful to them for their time and efforts. I find great comfort in everything about the experience - it doesn't bring our pets back, but their compassion makes the process sting less. Bringing them home in the beautiful wooden urns provides a sense of peaceful closure I wouldn't get anywhere else. "
January 30, 2022

2022-02-16 | 17:02:57

"Polly and her team go above and beyond when it comes to caring for my deceased pets and tending to their final needs. I have always been met with compassion, patience, and consideration when bringing my pets to them. So far we've had 3 dogs cremated, and I recently had to call on them again to assist with final arrangements for my friend's 5 pups who died in a house fire. They went and picked up the dogs, cremated them, and had them returned to me in the most beautiful urn in only 3 days at an incredibly reasonable cost given the significance of the work. I will never take my pets anywhere but here for as long as I can!"
December 23, 2021

2022-01-18 | 19:44:16

"Everyone was so kind and comforting. MY Caddy sleeps at the Rush Pet Cemetery. I miss you Caddy and I love you, ALWAYS!"
December 8, 2021

2022-01-18 | 19:44:09

December 7, 2021

So wonderful

"I can not say thank you enough. They were so kind and compassionate during the difficult time of saying goodbye to our beloved cat. They understood that it was important, to us, to have our cat picked up right away so her body could be prepared. Everyone we spoke to was so caring and patient. "