May 28, 2021

My little girl…

"I knew it was getting close as time went on. My sweet little schnauzer girl, Zoe who came to me after Willi (another schnauzer) took that step to head somewhere else on his journey. I said I was never going to let another dog, especially another schnauzer into my life. 3 weeks later Zoe dropped into my life & my heart. I believe Willi sent her to me. We had many adventures & cuddling times. After taking her to the Vet for that last trip I said I wanted her to go to Rush Pet of course. They had already made the pick up for the week but I didn’t want her to just be at the vet’s office for a week & they did a special run to pick her up the next day. As always Rush treated me & my little “grey angel” with all the care, compassion & respect that some people can only dream of. I couldn’t ever imagine having anyone but Rush help with this hard time. They have helped with all my babies. Who else but this family would help my family... no one, they give the love to help the heart"
April 30, 2021

Amazing experience

"On April 26th 2021, my cat "Charlie" had passed away. I normally go to my vet's office to put my pets down, but Charlie made the decision before I could. It was a beautiful day for a drive and a good cry,, so I took Charlie to the Rush Pet Cemetery. I heard so many great things about it and heard it was beautiful. And beautiful it was-the grounds and the people who worked there! When I got out of car sobbing, I was greeted by a cat who obviously knew I was hurting, as she kept coming up and head butting me! Then Kyle who worked there, saw how visibly upset I was, stopped to talked with me. His kind words really comforted me. When I finally got the courage to go inside, knowing this was going to be my final goodbye, I was greeted by Danilla. She like Kyle, was so understanding and patient with me. We talked about getting a clay paw print, ink print and I had mentioned a nose ink print. She said they had never done one, but would give it a try! After I said my goodbye, I drove around the grounds of this beautiful wooded cemetary, which brought me peace and comfort. I cannot say enough nice things about Kyle, Daniella, the service and the cemetery. By the way, they did an amazing job with the paw prints, both ink and clay, nose print and even locks of Charlie's fur. What angels! Thank you!"
March 29, 2021

"Our fur baby cat, Amber, who was almost 19 yrs old passed away this week. We cant say thank you enough to the staff for the kind, loving support. During challenging financial times, they provided us with the most reasonable cost so we could afford to appropriately memorialize Amber's passing. We will be forever grateful for all they did for our family! Thank you so very much!"
March 29, 2021

Our dog.

"I would like to thank you for your kindness and help after losing our 18 year old dog. The staff at your business are thoughtful and helpful. My family appreciated you during a difficult time. All the best. "
February 12, 2021

Our Basset babies

"Our female basset had to be euthanized on 9/11/19 and Nunda Vet handled the cremation. She was our sweet girl! But then our male who was older than her lost the use of his hindquarters and was quite unwilling to allow us to help him. We could not get him to the vet and we had to have Genesee Visiting Vet come to assist. She came to our home and Dr. Lauren Wisser handled his crossing with such love and dignity! Finally on b 5th Rush was able to rearrange pick up at our vet to give us time to get our boy to our vet! They were so compassionate and Polly was so wonderful! This was our last basset but we have 3 felines that at some point will need their services! I especially appreciate their understanding and comfort! Thank you so much!"