June 1, 2019

Henrietta Hospital

"We’ve used Rush Internet for almost 30 years. They have always been kind caring and compassionate towards our clients’ needs for their beloved companions during a most difficult time. Thank you Polly"
May 31, 2019

Gianna Agag

"What lovely people. Polly went above and beyond to see my needs were met. Mourning the loss of a pet is very difficult. They make the final arrangements very easy. Amazing, loving, and caring person."
April 5, 2019

Ellee Hunter

"This is a very nice, warm place. They're respectful and kind. I couldn't bare to wait for my Daphne's ashes to be returned to the vets office, so I called Rush's to ask if the process could be expedited and they said of course it could. The very next day after calling I was able to get my baby and bring her home. The property is beautiful and even though I'm keeping Daphne with me, we went to visit Rush's pet cemetery, can I just say "WOW!!" It's gorgeous! A lot of care and respect go into this business. I am very impressed and would not hesitate to use them again, in fact I wouldn't even consider anyone else at this point. Thank you Rush Inter Pet."
February 22, 2019

Joanna Biondolillo

"Rush Interpet cemetery has been taking care of my sweet pets for twenty years. My pets are a part of my family. I take very seriously the handling of their remains. I live out of state and Polly has gone out of her way over the years to be sure that my little ones are taken care of immediately. I have used both their burial services and cremation services with no hesitation. Why would I drive from South Carolina or Texas to take care of my pets in Rush, New York?? Because this is a family owned business with absolute integrity. The property is beautifully maintained and you can access it from sunup to sundown 7 days a week. Additionally, states like South Carolina have no regulation of pet cemeteries. Recently, a property with a pet cemetary was purchased in SC and the new owner does not plan to maintain it as such. Of course the pet owners are upset but there is nothing they can do except request the remains of their pets back. Very disheartening. We are blessed to have this beautiful place for our pets and such caring people to take care of them. Second to none. Thank you for going above and beyond!"
December 5, 2018

"Absolutely the most caring people. I had my 21 yr old cockatiel Zazoo taken care of here. Called to make payment over the phone. The woman took my info and then took the time and asked questions about him. She truly cared about my loss. Thank you for that."