March 29, 2021

"Our fur baby cat, Amber, who was almost 19 yrs old passed away this week. We cant say thank you enough to the staff for the kind, loving support. During challenging financial times, they provided us with the most reasonable cost so we could afford to appropriately memorialize Amber's passing. We will be forever grateful for all they did for our family! Thank you so very much!"
March 29, 2021

Our dog.

"I would like to thank you for your kindness and help after losing our 18 year old dog. The staff at your business are thoughtful and helpful. My family appreciated you during a difficult time. All the best. "
February 12, 2021

Our Basset babies

"Our female basset had to be euthanized on 9/11/19 and Nunda Vet handled the cremation. She was our sweet girl! But then our male who was older than her lost the use of his hindquarters and was quite unwilling to allow us to help him. We could not get him to the vet and we had to have Genesee Visiting Vet come to assist. She came to our home and Dr. Lauren Wisser handled his crossing with such love and dignity! Finally on b 5th Rush was able to rearrange pick up at our vet to give us time to get our boy to our vet! They were so compassionate and Polly was so wonderful! This was our last basset but we have 3 felines that at some point will need their services! I especially appreciate their understanding and comfort! Thank you so much!"
January 5, 2021

Maryah Glover

"I unexpectedly lost my uromastyx lizard yesterday and made an appointment for drop off since the vet said it would be cheaper to do myself. I dropped off my lizard today and the staff were incredibly comforting. Being a reptile owner, I often hear some pretty rude things about my pets like calling them "gross" or "weird" but the staff here were so lovely and so kind with my baby. It made me feel at ease and that my lizard will be treated with respect and care."
December 29, 2020

Tanya McDowell

"Our boy was younger and it was the holidays so it was definitely a hard yet necessary decision to put him down. The caring and kind staff cushioned some of the blow. I’ll always be thankful to them for that."