Individual Pet Burial in Rush, NY

Individual burials in beautiful Rush Inter Pet Cemetery are done in much the same way as a person’s burial in a human cemetery. Pets must be placed in caskets, which are available in sizes from 10” to 52”, from birds to large dogs. We also bury cremated remains (ashes).

Families may pick the location of the plot for their pet’s burial. There are two types of plots available. Park plots may only have flat memorial headstones. Garden plots are next to mulched gardens and can have flat or upright memorial headstones. The Garden plots are more expensive because there are fewer of them available.

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Family Viewing

If the family wants, the pet may be viewed prior to the actual burial in our private viewing room. We make sure that the pet looks peaceful. The casket is sealed and then we proceed to the cemetery for the burial. Many families choose to read a poem or prayer in memory of the pet, or have clergy or a celebrant perform a service.

Memorial headstones are not required but are available. If desired, they must be made of granite or bronze. Many headstones here have beautiful photos of the pet or sketches of flowers or different pet breeds.

A permanent care fund is in place to insure the continuing maintenance of this beautiful pet cemetery.

A deed restriction on the pet cemetery property means that the actual pet cemetery will only be used for pet cemetery purposes.

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Ultimately, the cost for an individual burial varies depending on the choices made: the type of casket, the plot location, viewing of the pet, etc.

Currently, in 2024, the minimum cost for an individual burial for a cat is just over $800.00. The
minimum cost of a larger breed dog is $1,400.00.

Simple burial in a common grave, with other pets, with no casket or memorial and no visitation to the actual grave is also available. This type of burial costs around $120.00.

Green burial is also available. Please contact us at 585-533-1685.